my favorite travel shoes.

frye leather lena slip on

There’s no denying that The Frye Company is my hands down, could own every single style boot brand. Like, truly, gimme all the Frye boots forever and ever and I’ll die a happy camper. I tried these Lena Leather Slip On’s when I was out shopping for last minute things for my trip to Morocco this Spring, and of course just thought I’d try them on for fun, then hurry off on my way. Well, the minute my feet slid in them, it was like “Done. Check, please!” Which, in theory, was one of the dumber travel moves I’ve pulled because I threw them in my suitcase without breaking them in. But guess what? I wore these pups around Morocco for weeks and never had a blister, foot cramp, or sweaty feet. In fact, they even encouraged me to keep on trekking, they are so comfy.

I’ve been wearing them pretty much daily for the last 2 months and can confidently say they are my favorite shoes right now. They go with anything, pack easy, and are getting better with age. If you’re traveling, get these. If you’re looking for a casual shoe for Summer, get these. If you’re a dude who wants to get a really awesome gift for your girl, get these.

I’ve linked a few places to purchase them online below and if you’re Local, head to Jackson Bootlegger. And also some other styles that I’m loving!

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