third love bras.

third love bra

{Brothers, shield your eyes.} Finding a cool bra brand that I loved seemed like such a foreign concept to me for so long. Everything was either toooo sexy, or kinda lame in the style department.  I feel like most women just want their everyday bra that lasts the test of time, is comfy as hell, and can wear with any outfit. We all just want a go-to bra that we feel good in and hold our tatas in place nicely.  Is that too much to ask?! The style gods presented me with Third Love and all of my bra woes have been put to rest.

third love bra

I worked with Third Love awhile back on a Jackson Hole travel piece, and was so happy to be gifted a few of my now most essential wardrobe pieces. From the very first awkward bra fitting in middle school, bra shopping had always sucked. I’ve been measured so many times in my life and always told I’m a different size.  How many times have you had a sales lady dig the clasp in way too hard into your back, creating really unflattering sideboob, telling you that “you’ve been wearing the wrong size your whole life!”  These poor Tetons have been smooshed more times than I can count in a poorly lit dressing room, and I think many of you can relate.

third love lace bra

Investing in a good bra should be essential, I mean…you’re wearing one every single day.  The problems I was having prior to Third Love was having awkward gapping cups that were hard to hide, and bra straps that basically lived off-shoulder.  I can’t tell you how many times I would be in a professional meeting and find myself subconsciously putting my hand under my shirt to pull up my bra strap. It became second nature to me and I’d catch myself, so embarrassed.

third love bra

I’ve been rocking Third Love bras from over a year now and I can honestly say they are the best I’ve ever owned and I’m a fan for life.  If you haven’t seen this brand before, head over and check out their fit finder, which helps you find your fit from the comfort of your own home.  After you get the bras in the mail, you have 30 days to try them out – go ahead and take off that tag!  If it doesn’t work, they will help you find a better match. How awesome is that? The Classic Lace Racerback clips in the front and is my favorite style but their Classic T-Shirt Bra I wear almost every day.  No bra strap slippage! I feel like a new woman without fussing with my bras.

TIP:  Taking care of your bras is also an absolute must which allows for many more wears.  I always wash them separately, clipped together in the back (otherwise the straps get twisted and uneven), in a laundry bag, on delicate in cold water.  Hanging ‘em out to dry (pun very much intended), is the only way to dry them. Then I store them like you’d see on a store shelf.

photos by Carrie Patterson

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