halfdays ski wear review.

skier girl in halfdays carson bib and georgie puffer in alpine green

Outfit: I’m rocking the Halfdays Georgie Puffer Jacket + Carson Bibs + Baselayers

Halfdays hit the scene in 2020 and as an avid skier chick, I was so thrilled to find out about this brand! For one, their clothing is so dang chic. I remember trying on their base layers and thinking they were magic – incredibly flattering, very warm, and so comfy to ski in. And on top of that, they are made sustainably. I was like FINALLY! Someone made base layers that are warm, functional, and like something I actually want to wear, while feeling good about the product. I absolutely love them. I wrote a post about their base layers then if you want to read my initial review here. Since then, they’ve expanded into a full ski line.

Baselayers in Sage Green

This year I was gifted a full head to toe kit from Halfdays and I’m happy to report back that I’m pretty in love with it. Look at how adorable this color is! The bibs are form fitting but not too tight, so I can turn in the deep pow, but still feel cute AF for Apres ?. I got the Carson Bibs and the Georgie Puffer both in Alpine Green, and also a new set of base layers in Sage green. They updated the base layers this year to be even better. I tell everyone, if you are going to start somewhere with Halfdays, start with the baselayers!

Halfdays uses recycled fabrics which makes them a true sustainable clothing brand. And, they are a female founded company. One of the founders is an Olympic ski racer so she like kinda knows her shi*t in the technical department, which they mix with flattering silhouettes for any body type. There’s so much goodness to say about Halfdays but it is a brand I really love to support! If you’re looking for a cute and sustainable brand that will keep you warm all winter long, then click below to start rocking your fave new ski kit.

Photos by Della Fredrickson