my word for the year: aligned.

jackson hole blogger girl in her log cabin

This post is for me. Something I’m testing out for the first time! I have never been one for resolutions but I’ve always admired those who chose a word to represent their upcoming year. I loved that idea but was never sure how you could pick just one word. After some much needed rest from the Holidays, I did some serious introspective work around what I want to call in for this new year, and in the process found my word.

My word for 2023 is: Aligned. When looking at my goals, dreams, and visions, I wanted to pick a word that I could weave throughout my everyday life. I am calling in more alignment in all aspects of my life: from more aligned clients and projects, to more aligned relationships both personally and professionally, to more aligned life opportunities. When I started dabbling in energy work a few years ago, it really stuck with me that if something feels light then we should lean in. If something feels heavy, we should let go. Not only am I looking for alignment this year, I am also going to challenge myself to practice alignment which means letting go of what isn’t working with grace, and not feeling bad about it. And to get out of my own head! I get these inspirational pings to do things but my anxiety has a tendency to talk myself out of doing the thing, and then the thing never gets done. Leaning into the inspiration and letting go of the “you suck at this” thoughts is going to be a big goal of mine this year. This is a reminder to myself that we all should be our own cheerleaders.

Some examples of choosing alignment for me may look like:

  • choosing to pick up a book instead of scrolling on instagram
  • saying no to a dinner invitation that isn’t lighting me up, or saying yes to one that is
  • allowing myself to take work breaks and get outside instead of forcing myself to work out of fear or not getting enough done. Balance = Aligned
  • investing in friendships that feel soulful and letting go of ones that are draining
  • letting go of projects or clients who don’t value my worth or time
  • leaning into inspirations or curiosities, even if they are totally weird or out of the blue
  • not settling vs. going after what lights me up
  • trusting in the timing of my life and not letting worry get the best of me

Aligned. A word to represent a general theme that can be both simple yet also encompass so much meaning in all areas of my life. I’m excited to get aligned and see what shifts happen for me in 2023.