what to do in Jackson Hole when you don’t want to ski.

Written by Hope Nartonis Martini

‘I’m not skiing today.’ 

Those words are meaningless or meaningful depending on your ski trip companions. Meaningless if you’re not a skier and you came to Jackson Hole with your friends for the apres ski scene or to experience the mountain views. Meaningful if you’re a fair weather athlete who dates a hardcore skier who devotes himself to skiing every moment the lifts are operating. Maybe you land somewhere in the middle and you have autonomy over your vacation and no fear of alone time while your travel buddies hit the slopes. Maybe you’re a parent who found themself with the opportunity for unexpected me-myself time because the kids are actually enjoying ski school. Regardless, ‘I’m not skiing today’ doesn’t mean you have to sit in your hotel room and watch TV all day. (If that’s what you want to do, I totally get it. Try ‘Mrs. America’ on Hulu.) If you’re going to take the day off skiing and you’ve already been to the spa and shopped at all the stores in Teton Village, try these fun and affordable activities to maximize your alone time in Jackson Hole.

Yoga & Coffee Shop – 10 minutes from Teton Village

Jackson Hole has five beautiful yoga studios and each one is near a locally owned coffee shop. Put on your yoga clothes, grab a book from your vacation reading list and head towards town.

The Aspens businesses and neighborhood is only ten minutes from Teton Village and has a high-quality yoga studio and a luxurious coffee shop. Drive over, or if you don’t have access to a car, take the bus. It only costs a couple of dollars. Take a class at Teton Yoga Shala (located behind the Aspens Market) and afterwards, walk to Persephone Bakery Westbank for a coffee and a scone. Snuggle into a corner booth and get lost in a good book! If you don’t have a good book with you, don’t sweat it. The Wilson Book Gallery is located next door to Persephone Westbank so you can go to yoga, pick out a new book and have a coffee date with yourself in one easy-to-navigate area.

Want specifics? I highly recommend studio owner Ainslie Mintz’s Yoga Ropes and Chair class on Tuesday and Thursday or Mindful Flow on Saturday. Buy The People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry and then order a vanilla latte and a brioche bun at Persephone. Sink into the plush bench seat and enjoy the buzz of happy mountain people.

Walk along the Snake River Levee + Rendezvous Park – 15 minutes from Teton Village

The Snake River winds through the Jackson Hole valley. If you’re looking to get outside on a beautiful day, but have a more mellow, rejuvenating experience, put on your winter boots and head to the Snake River Levee. It’s only a fifteen minute drive from Teton Village, halfway between Teton Village and Town Square.

Park your car or ask your taxi drive to drop you off at Emily Stevens Pond. It’s a public parking lot on Highway 22 with easy access to the Snake River Levee and Rendezvous Park (sometimes called R Park). From the parking lot, walk towards the river and head north. There’s a four mile out-and-back path along the river. The path is wide and you will see a lot of local dogs, runners and fat tire cyclists out to play. This trail is groomed by parks and rec on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so you can expect an easy-to-walk path during the winter months. It’s the home of bald eagles, moose and marmots so bring your camera to snap some scenic photographs.

Another option is to cross the pedestrian bridge and head north to walk the levee between R Park and the Snake River. It’s a short out-and-back, about a half mile each way, and you will have a great view of the R Park Troll. 

Built in 2021, ‘Mama Mimi’ the troll was built from locally sourced recycled and renewable materials by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. ‘Mama Mimi’ is one of eighty trolls Dambo has built around the world and we are so lucky to have her here in Jackson Hole.

Soak at Astoria Hot Springs – 40 minutes from Teton Village

photo c/o Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Natural hot springs are a healing and spiritual experience, but they often come with slimy algae and a rotten egg stink. Although it has a long history, Astoria Hot Springs was revitalized to its current glory in 2020 so you can enjoy the benefits of hot springs in the comfort of man made concrete tubs with no-slip decks and post-soak showers! Grab your sunnies and a bathing suit and drive south through the Snake River Canyon to Astoria Hot Springs!

Type “Astoria Hot Springs” into your google maps or ask your taxi driver to drop you off there (and pick you up two hours later). It’s about forty minutes from Teton Village and just twenty minutes from Town Square. There are five pools and a lot of deck space for sunbathing! Again, I suggest you bring a good book with you to enjoy in the pools or if you’re a podcast person, bring your airpods for easy listening. There’s a luxurious pool house where you can order a beverage to enjoy poolside. Afterwards, rinse off in the shower so you don’t smell like sulfur on the drive home. Cell service isn’t great in the Snake River Canyon so plan your ride back to your hotel beforehand. And don’t forget to schedule your reservation online in advance!