figs in hotel jackson.

figs jackson hole
{photo by me}


WHY I LOVE: One of my top 5 restaurants in Jackson Hole! This was my go-to place for blind dates back in my single days because it’s always quiet and intimate. Mainly hotel guests so you aren’t likely to bump into anyone you may know, hence the blind date spot! The space and ambiance is so beautiful and the cuisine is extra healthy so I always feel good when I leave with a full belly. I also love lunch here or meet clients when I want somewhere a little more sophisticated.

FAVES: my recommended dishes

  • Hummus – it’s homemade and absolutely divine with the homemade pita bread that’s served extra fluffy
  • Fattoush – so light and fresh
  • Chicken Shawarma – a hearty portion for dinner or perfect to share
  • Meat Pies! I could eat like a dozen of these to myself, they are so good with hummus

WHERE: Located inside Hotel Jackson, on Glenwood Avenue.

DRESS CODE: Cowboy chic or Elevated Casual.