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jackson hole cabin tiny living
my tiny cabin featured on Apartment Therapy

That one time Apartment Therapy featured my 196 square foot cabin! This post is from 2019 and I’ve since moved, but here’s the excerpt for your viewing pleasure. I loved this little cabin so much! Living in a space that tiny really trained me to be a better consumer in life. Now when I shop, I automatically ask myself “but where will this go in my space?”. If I don’t have an immediate visual in my head, I don’t buy it. OR! If I buy it, then something else has to go to make room. I hope this newly engrained buying decision process never leaves me. We did make a semi awkward video tour so if you’d like a little chuckle, head on over to the live post here.

jackson hole cabin tiny living

Lifestyle blogger Meagan is living the tiny log cabin dream in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Smaller than 200 square feet, her one-room rental cabin is a part of a mini-community of eight cabins, which once housed the staff of the motel down the street. And while living tiny has its challenges, Meag’s done a beautiful job of making her small home ultra livable and lovely.

jackson hole cabin tiny living
{my favorite blue velvet couch is the coziest! you can find a similar one here}

She made some smart updates to the space when she moved in. The biggest changes came with the kitchen DIY, where she took out a big cabinet that was bulky, put a fresh coat of white paint on everything, and added open shelving. The effect was opening up not just the kitchen area, but the whole one-room cabin, as well.

jackson hole cabin tiny living
{taking out the bulky cabinet and adding shelving really opened up this tiny kitchen}

Everyone’s familiar with one of the biggest challenges of tiny-space living: storage. For Meag, she gets around the lack of storage space by simply displaying stylishly some of her things instead of trying to store them away! Hats hang on the walls, cowboy boots are lined up on a bright red trunk, and shoes live on a shelf right next to the ceiling.

A small living space hasn’t meant having to go without the kind of furniture she wants, either, as evidenced by the gorgeous blue velvet couch in the corner that’s perfect for curling up on. A convertible coffee table with a lift-up desk (a similar one can be found at West Elm) is a double-duty furniture solution, turning the living room into an office.

And though the small cabin isn’t filled with too much stuff, Meag’s made a point to find room to display her travel finds, like a painting from Cuba that hangs above the bed. Her decor plus the cabin’s log walls all combine together to create what she calls “Mountain Modern” style.

jackson hole cabin tiny living

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    photos by Lindley Rust