crown + brim cowboy hats.

Jackson Hole Cowboy Hat
{custom hat by Crown + Brim and hat bands we designed together!}

It feels a bit sacrilegious to not own a cowboy hat whilst living out West. I’ve collected my fair share over the years, usually from thrift stores which is fun, but it always left them fitting too snug or too big with a little bit of a wobble. It wasn’t until I met Sarah at Crown+Brim that I truly fell in love with properly fitting cowboy hat.

For starters, Sarah’s hats are completely customized, right down to the shape of your dome. She can take pretty precise measurements of your head in her studio, or you can measure your head at home if you are ordering from afar. When I sat down with her at her studio, she kindly let me rummage through every single hat in there because I couldn’t get enough. The options are seriously endless! I ended up going with a gray felt with a navy blue trim, with a little bit of a brim flop, in a classic shape that will go with any look. I wanted something timeless that I can wear anywhere. She then worked with me to design custom bands and what I envisioned in my head, she made a reality. How cool are those?! You can wear layered together or separate, with feathers or not, give your hat a few different looks to change it up.

Jackson Hole Cowboy Hat

What sets Sarah apart is truly her customer service. Something not quite right? No problem. Need something tweaked? Sure thing. Sarah wants every hat to be perfect for its owner and she is a true gem to work with. It’s always such a pleasure working with locals who absolutely love their craft.

Jackson Hole Cowboy Hat
{this is the “Meagan” if you want this exact one!}

I’m a firm believer that investing in a quality hat is something you will have forever, and will make you more of a hat person. At first, I felt like it was “too much” to wear the hat outside of Jackson, but lemme tell you – the compliments really started rolling in. Most days I won’t leave the house without my Crown + Brim hat, and at night, she looks pretty awesome on my cabin wall. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a quality Crown + Brim hat. I promise you will have it forever. Tell Sarah I sent ya!

Photos by Ashley Merritt Photography