our favorite wedding gifts

Let’s talk wedding gifts! The holidays are coming up so these ideas could also serve as holiday gifts for a couple on your list. I thought I’d share wedding gifts we received that we absolutely love. Or if you have a wedding this season, I’m here to sparking some ideas that are for sure to please. I should also note that I’m a firm believer that if you made the effort to travel to a wedding, a gift is NOT required or expected, in my opinion. For those who have the love language of gift giving, this post is for you.


When we first got engaged, I was kind of against making a wedding registry. We live in a 750 sq. ft cabin and the thought of bringing in more stuff kind of gave me anxiety. I’m very intentional about what we bring into our space because I absolutely hate clutter. Plus, we are “older” and had everything we needed. I should also note that I don’t have a great track record of buying couples wedding gifts off their registry, and I take full advantage of the “one-full-year-from-wedding-to-buy-a-gift-rule.” By the time I usually end up buying a gift (eeek, if I remember), most of the gifts off the registry have already been filled. Needless to say, I didn’t really have experience with wedding registries. I also put it off because we were doing an expensive destination wedding and I wanted to be sensitive to everyone’s financial commitment to celebrate with us, which is the best gift one could give. But then a friend told me that people actually really love to give gifts. When wedding guests started asking for our registry, it almost felt wrong to not have one.


I was like okay, fiiiiiine and decided I needed to make a registry for the folks who want to express their love by gift giving. But then I kind of got really into it! I looked at all of our kitchen gadgets and thought about where we needed an upgrade or added things that I would never buy myself but would love to use, like a Kitchen Aid mixer. We never expected for friends and family to get us gifts, but the ones we received were actually really fun and bring us a lot of joy. Plus, I think it was a nice way for guests who couldn’t attend our wedding to feel included in our celebration.

P.S. If you are newly engaged and looking for a wedding registry, I did my research. I asked most of my recently married friends what registry site they recommended and Zola.com was the winner. Not only do they have soooo many things for your to purchase on the website, you can also link things not on the website for your guests to either give you money to purchase or they can purchase it directly from the other retailers. Zola just syncs it all really well and is very organized.

Our favorite wedding gifts 2022
  1. Thermaquilt – This blanket is made for the outdoors! You can zip yourself into it, zip it up around a hammock, or just use as an extra layer while camping. Much needed for me. Currently 25% Off
  2. Casafina Ruffled Bakeware – I love the little ruffle, it makes serving dishes much more fun
  3. Farmhouse Pottery Mugs – I absolutely adore using these every morning with our coffee & tea. They are bigger than they look and so comfy to hold, really great for cabin living.
  4. Kate Spade Flatware – I didn’t think I needed new flatware until I realized everything I had was pretty mismatched or had missing pieces from target. There’s nothing wrong with that but we wanted to uplevel our hosting game and these are gorgeous.
  5. Garmin GPS – K, so obviously Adamo put this on the list but it has actually come in handy since we live in the mountains and oftentimes, we are without cell service. This gives me a little more sense of ease when Adamo is in the backcountry or hunting, or when I go on backpacking trips with the girls.
  6. Cake Knife & Serving Set – Something I would never buy myself but brings me so much joy! Can’t wait to use this for all the birthdays our family will have.
  7. Caraway Bake Set – Straight up obsessed with this non-toxic ceramic company. We already owned the cooking set so this completes our kitchen. The blue is so fun and they are so, so easy to clean. Currently 20% Off at Caraway.com
  8. 4 Person Kelty Tent – This summer it became clear that we need a bigger tent with our dogs.
  9. Double Sleeping Bag – Okay, how CUTE is this for a couple? I am always freezing when camping and I always want to snuggle up, but two sleeping bags has you sliding off of sleeping pads. Excited to try this out and stay extra warm and cozy while camping. Currently 25% Off
  10. Boll & Branch Sheets – These are worth the hype! Luxury and sustainable. We are obsessed! Currently 25% Off with CYBER25
Wedding Gift Guide 2022 2023
  • 11. Mr. & Mrs. Wine Stoppers – I’m sorry, these are just real dang cute!
  • 12. KitchenAid – This is something I never would have bought for myself but we have been dying for one for our kitchen. I feel like such a grownup with this and I love the red.
  • 13. Coyuchi Duvet Cover – You’re in luck, this is now 40% off! Combined with the Boll & Branch sheets, we really upgraded our entire bedding situation. This duvet is a thicker material adding a little more weight for the winter.
  • 14. Le Creuset Dutch Oven – You absolutely cannot ever go wrong with a Le Creuset of any size. (and yes I realized I spelled it wrong in the graphic, swoops) This is the perfect size for a family meal or hosting guests. We love it in the white, so chic! 30% Off today
  • 15. Paravel Travel Sacks – I have been gifting these packing cubes few years now and they make traveling so much easier with organization. Lightweight, fun colors, and you can customize! Also sustainable which is always a plus por moi.
  • 16. Silpat Sheets – Umm okay these are new to me and where have they been all my life? They make baking so much cleaner!
  • 17. Farmhouse Pottery Cheese Knife Set – We have been breaking these out for hosting and really love their design. You can just tell they are great quality which makes me happy knowing I’ll have them for years.
  • 18. Ravioli Maker – Because, duh, I’m Italian now ??
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Our Favorite Wedding Gifts