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chic mountain cabin in jackson hole

A big fan of Apartment Therapy over here! A few years back, my old teeny tiny cabin was featured on their website talking about small spaces. Since then I’ve upgrade to a “larger” cabin with a whopping 700 sq ft of living space, added two dogs, and a boyfriend. Still teeny to most, but a mansion in my eyes. I wanted to share with all of you my most favorite place in the world, my cabin! Here’s a look at the inside of my renovated log cabin. For a full tour on Apartment Therapy and in depth interview, scroll to the bottom for a link. Links to shop my furniture/decor under each room photo, for anything that is shoppable

chic mountain cabin decor

My friend Ben fully remodeled the cabin in early 2011-2012 after going to cabin-making school with his dad. He did such an awesome job bringing it back to life after it was an old wood shop that had no foundation, electricity, or water. The cabin feels really spacious after they bumped out the ceiling and added two lofts, one where we have our guest bedroom, and another above the front door, which is a smart way to add storage in a small space. The best thing in the world is waking up early in the morning and walking across the creaky original wood floors when it’s dumping snow outside, then starting a crackling fire to snuggle up with the dogs and sip coffee.

For my style, I guess I’m kind of eclectic? I like mixing different pieces and not having everything so uninformed. I’m always inspired while traveling and love the idea of every piece in my home being “found” and having a story behind it. After living in two small cabins, I’ve totally changed the way I shop for things. I will spend more money on investment pieces or from that once-in-a-lifetime trip, like my rugs from Morocco. Whenever I think about what buying something for my home, I always ask “where will this go”? Everything needs to have a place, otherwise it gets donated. You just simply cannot have clutter in a small space or you will lose your mind. I love living more thoughtfully, I think it saves me money in the long run!

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chic mountain log cabin decor
chic mountain log home decor

The kitchen always gets so many compliments! Everyone loves the sage green cabinets and I think it looks so beautiful against the natural wood. The vaulted ceilings make it really open and inviting for when guests come over. I love cooking for my friends when they sit at the counter. We don’t have a pantry but the lower cabinets are super spacious with a hidden top drawer so we have plenty of space for pantry items. With the glass on the cabinets, I wanted all of my dishes and glassware to be one solid color so it didn’t look messy. I added baskets on a few shelves for things like rices, all of our water bottles, and dish towels. It really helps with clutter. Can you tell I hate clutter?!

All of my frames are custom frames from Framebridge, more on that to come!


  • Axe handle stools — Built by Ben Mackay – contact me to custom order!
  • Dishes – Target
  • Rug – from my trip to Morocco
  • Frames – Framebridge

My dining room is the happiest spot in the cabin with the most natural light. It took me almost a year to find a table that would fit the space but leave it to Wayfair for all of your needs. I work from home a lot so you can find me here most days and we can squeeze about 6 people over for dinner – cozy but I love it! I bought the bench from West Elm because I wanted to keep the flow open from the dining room to the main living room area. The cabin space is too small to chop up and it’s awesome because I can usually fit a third person around the dinner table with the bench.


chic mountain log home decor

Ahhh, my bedroom! I’m a firm believer in making your bedroom an oasis (no TV rule!) and your life will just be happier. Moving Adamo in was a bit tricky as we have limited closet space and I needed to get him a dresser. I happened to find this tall dresser locally at a thrift shop and measured to make sure it would fit. It was a fugly yellow color so we took a stab at our first DIY project together and painted this a handsome emerald green color. I swapped the knobs with leather pulls for a more masculine and modern look. The pulls are from etsy and you can shop them below in different colors. I love how it turned out and pretty proud of it! We added a vintage Montana pennant I found when he was living in Big Sky and I thought it would be cute to add a custom Jackson Hole one to showcase both of the places he lived while we were dating. Cheesy? Most definitely. Kinda cute? I think so!


chic lofted log cabin
chic mountain log home decor

The best part about the cabin is the loft! I HIGHLY recommend adding a loft if you ever find yourself remodeling or building a cabin. The extra square footage in a small space is truly needed. We added a queen size bed, desk, and extra clothing (who am I kidding, it’s basically Adamo’s closet, ha!). It has been a great little space for guests to stay and for me to get away when the dogs are getting too needy 🙂 They can’t get to me up there! We have an additional loft above the entrance where we store extra gear. The ladder is super lightweight with wheels so I can roll it from one loft to the other when I need to move things around.


chic mountain log home decor bathroom
bar cart in chic mountain log cabin
jackson hole blogger in front of log cabin

So there ya have it folks, a look inside this mountain blogger’s chic remodeled cabin. I hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks to Apartment Therapy for having me on their site, always an honor.

For the full tour on Apartment Therapy, click HERE

Photos by Lindley Rust

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