jackson hole winery.

it was a bold ass move to wear white jeans to a wine tasting, pretty bold indeed. i’m new to this whole white jean thing so i cut myself some slack and tried my damnedest to keep those pinkies up.  one of my prouder moments in life was leaving with just one teeny tiny drop of red wine.  i mean, it had to happen, right?!

Jackson Hole Blogger at Jackson Hole WineryAward Winning Jackson Hole Winery VinoJackson Hole Blogger at Jackson Hole Winery corking a wine bottle

the cutest family runs the Jackson Hole Winery on their private ranch just outside of town.
i’ve gotten to know the family over the years, and y’all they couldn’t be sweeter.
when their son anthony moved away to california and learned how to make vino, he convinced his parents that they should turn their ranch, including their historic barn, into a winery.
almost 10 years later and they are still crushing it (see what i did there?!) and snatching up awards left and right in the vino world.
their grapes are grown in california, plucked, and then drove straight to wyoming, where they do the entire wine making process out of the family garage turned winery. it’s pretty impressive considering how delicious the wines are!

Jackson Hole Blogger at Jackson Hole WineryJackson Hole Blogger at Jackson Hole Winery TastingJackson Hole Blogger at Jackson Hole Winerythey offer private tours and tastings (make sure to call ahead!), and have the dreamiest outdoor set up to enjoy vinos and views.
the rendezvous red is mah FAVE. after my days of living in argentina, i really fancy anything cabernet franc. this is full of it and hmm mmm, so good! the altitude helps with the wine making process, or maybe it just helps you get drunk faster, either way you’re gonna love this unique wine tasting experience.  they also ship, so cheers!

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