holiday discount codes for 2021.

Friends! I wanted to round up some really awesome discount codes for you so you can start your holiday shopping early this year. As we all know, shipping delays are REAL, so I got these a bit earlier than normal so you can take advantage of shopping now. The codes are good through the end of the year, so if you do shop late, have no fret the codes will still work! All of these brands and products are ones that I have tried, tested, and absolutely love. Everything on here is QUALITY and worth the purchase. Plus, these are all small businesses so you can feel good about supporting them this year. We all know how much shopping small can make a big impact. Just click on the links below and enter my discount codes at check out. Happy Shopping!


The Good was introduced to me last year and I’ve used it every single day since. It’s targeted towards men, but the girls at Caldera Lab were like “you really needs to try this!” I’m so glad they did because I’ve seen a big difference with my fine lines. I even got Adamo hooked on it and have noticed a big difference in those nose blackheads dudes tend to get – you know what I’m talking about. I made him switch from his cheap drugstore cleanser to Caldera Lab (something he would never have done on his own), and he tells me everyday how much he loves it. They now have more products including a cleanser and moisturizer, so if you want to gift a man in your life a clean and luxurious skin care line – this is it. Guys need a little nudge to elevate their routine, amiright?! Shop Caldera Lab here.

CODE: THEEGG30 for 30% Off until the New Year

Harper Coats in Jackson Hole


The warmest coat ever, Harper Coats! Sadly, this small business is closing her doors BUT she is offering a mega sale for my readers on the remainder of her inventory. I am SO sad because my Harper jacket is truly the warmest coat I’ve ever owned and I’ve tried a lot over the years. Not only is it warm, it is made from sustainable materials and completely washable. The high neck really warms your face in the deep of winter by protecting you from the elements. You can read my full review on the coat from last winter, click here. The jackets run true to size. All sales are final! Sizes are limited but whatever style you choose is a win, especially for half off. Shop Harper Coats here. *please note all sales are final

CODE: MEAGTHEEGG50 for 50% off while supplies last

example of alpyn beauty review


I can’t include a round up of my favorite things without including this life changing brand and her fabulous products. I don’t know what happened to me but in my early 30’s I started getting cystic acne which was the most frustrating thing ever. After a year of not being able to tame it, I found Alpyn Beauty and y’all, I haven’t had a zit since! I swear by the brand and all that she believes in which is clean beauty products with real natural ingredients found right here in these mountains. If those plants can sustain the harsh winters, then our skin can, too! My full post on Alpyn Beauty is found here but these are my top 3 favorite products. I would start with the serum or moisturizer but the huckleberry peel makes a great gift. Last week I came home and found Adamo on the couch with it on his face, ha! Shop all Alpyn Beauty here.

CODE: meagtheegg for 20% off


Another product I use every day! My Copperdot Leather bag is so yummy and gets so many compliments. I started carrying a stack of their business cards because so many strangers stop me about my green bag, especially on airplanes. This leather just gets better and better everyday you use it. Sadly, with shipping issues, my color green is not available but this yummy navy is up for grabs! I love that my bag has a full zipper, stands up straight, and fits perfectly under the seat of an airplane. One of my most cherished items! I also have a small clutch like above and it is really perfect for date nights or dinner with friends. She is offering a discount on all of her bags, which are worth looking into for yourself or someone your love. You will have it forever and ever. Check out all of Copperdot Leather goods here and use my code below.

CODE: welovemeag for 15% off

example of the warmest winter mittens


We all need gloves out West so why not make them the toughest and most durable? If you are like me, your hands will appreciate total warmth. I’ve been wearing my Give’r gloves since they started the company and they still are my favorites. I wear them pretty much every day and love wearing them skiing. They are super insulated and I’d recommend the mittens if you want your fingers to stay extra toasty. I love that they have a pop of red on the cuff to make sure no snow gets in and that the soft leather gets better with age. Click here for my full review. They are a great gift for the whole family! It’s fun to add initials for a more personal touch. Shop Give’r here.

CODE: Meagan15 for 15% Off


Wahoo! My absolute favorite product is back on sale just for you guys. I just wrote a full blog post about my love affair with Powderpuff Collection puffs, which you can read here, so it only felt right to open the code back up to my readers for the Holiday Season. Kids puffs are new this year!!! They make amazing gifts or nudge someone you love to buy this for you with my code! Powderpuff is the extra layer you need this winter season from casual coffees to powder days on the mountain. You can shop Powderpuff Collection here!



New West Knifeworks

New West Knifeworks knives are sharp and serve as bad ass functional art in the kitchen. Not only do they look cool, they are incredible knives with elite steel and handles that are shaped to make cooking a breeze. Made in America with a lifetime guarantee – you want these in your knife drawer. We have both the Chopper and the Mini Chopper and we use them for all of our prepping. The handles are so fun and pretty, with a lot of color options. We have the cadet g-fusion handles and they are always getting complimented. I would suggest starting with the MiniChopper for a gift. We use it for chopping but also to serve with cheese and appetizers, and we even take it camping with us. My discount code is good for all G-fusion and Ironwood chefs knives, utensils, and fixed blade hunting knives.

CODE: JHknives15 until December 31st


Thermal base layers for kids that are safe and soft on the skin. Iksplor started out of Jackson a few years ago and they are really taking off, and for good reason. Two sisters created this because they couldn’t find base layers that wouldn’t irritate their kid’s skin – so they created their own using the softest merino wool. For all ages and sizes, from babies to big kids, with sustainable and quality materials and SPF, these base layers go the distance. They are easy to throw in the wash and look brand new after each wear. And the colors are so fun! If you have babies or kiddos in your life and plan on playing in the cold at all this winter, definitely check out Iksplor!

CODE: MeagTheEgg20 for 20% off


I partnered with Lemoine to create The Grand TOTETON which has been a huge hit! We are extending our discount code for my readers through the Holidays so make sure to grab a TOTETON for someone you love. I may be bias but they really make great gifts! Lemoine has offered 20% off her entire shop for all of you so if you are looking for a personalized embroidery gift, now is your chance. She can literally embroider anything in any font, style, or design so reach out to her directly if you have specific needs. Take advantage of that the code below and shop Lemoine here.

CODE: MEAG20 for 20% OFF

Sarah Flint Alysia x Gravati leopard loafers


I started working with Sarah Flint about a year ago and now own 3 pairs of her gorgeous shoes. My favorites are these flats. Each pair is handmade in Italy and when you unbox your new shoes, there’s a little note from the person who made them. So cute! They are a higher priced item but for good reason, these shoes are top quality and made to last. Sarah Flint is able to keep her prices down so you can feel confident that you are buying a luxury shoe at a discounted price. The leather is buttery, soft, and only gets better with each wear. Here’s my recent post on Sarah Flint if you want more or you can shop any pair for $50 off by clicking here. They make great shoes for holiday parties, too!