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alpyn beauty review

Can we talk about the best thing I ever did for my skin? I started using Alpyn Beauty products last year and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Not only did I see results immediately, but I’m pretty sure I got every single person closest to me hooked on it as well. My skin changed dramatically and everyone else’s whom I convinced to buy did, too. I will scream it from the rooftops about how incredible Alpyn Beauty is! I wanted to share my favorite products from Alpyn Beauty. Hint: it’s all of them.


Why I love Alpyn Beauty

You should know that I have super dry skin and living in an extremely dry climate can be tough. My face feels like it needs a tall glass of moisturizer multiple times a day so when I say that I’ve tried ALL of the moisturizers out there, I’ve truly put them all to the test. When I turned 30, like everyone older and wiser had warned me…I started to see a real change in my face. I started developing cystic acne – what the $%#&@? – after living my entire zit-free life. T’was a bit of a shocker. And then of course, came the fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a real slap in the face to realize you’re aging, isn’t it?! I tried so many different products but it wasn’t until I found Alpyn Beauty, and I can confidently say that over a year of using this line, my blemishes no longer pop up.

I had met Kendra, the founder of Alpyn Beauty, years prior through the local entrepreneurial world in Jackson Hole, and immediately fell in love with her story. She comes from the beauty world and when she moved to the mountains, she realized many people had the same issue: extra dry skin. Since she’s a genius, she decided to start harvesting wild plants found in the mountains of Jackson Hole because if they can survive the harshest of climates, certainly extracting their oils will save our skin. And boom, they work. I just love amazing companies coming out of this tiny town!

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{My 3 favorite products: Melt Moisturizer, Survival Serum, and Huckleberry Polishing Peel}
alpyn beauty clean skincare review

My favorite Alpyn Beauty products

All of Alpyn Beauty products are 100% natural, clean, and vegan, with sustainably harvested plant oils that mimic what they do in the wild on our skin: nourish and protect. No matter your skin type, I guarantee you will love. These are my faves:

  • PlantGenius® Survival Serum – If I could recommend one product to start, it would be this serum. It goes on before my moisturizer and is a great base for the day. Brightens and tightens is the name of the game. Your face is guaranteed to glow.
  • Melt Moisturizer – THE BEST MOISTURIZER out there! I swear to you, this is the most moisturizing (yet the lightest) out there. My face absolutely loves this and never feels oily afterwards. It feels almost velvety when you put it on and it is packed with bakuchiol which works like retinol, but is easier on the skin.
  • Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel – This is the newest to my arsenal of products and damn, she’s dreamy. I use it about once a week and it smells incredible. Only leave on for 5 minutes or you skin may get a tad irritated because this girl is going to be put to work exfoliating and resurfacing your face. The smoothness afterwards is next level.

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