the grand toteton.

jackson hole blogger with The Grand Toteton bag

I’m a big fan of puns. And quality bags. About 10 years ago, I thought it would be funny to create a really big bag combining the words “Tote” + “Teton” to honor the highest peak in Jackson Hole. Smushing together to create “The Grand TOTETON” really gives me a good chuckle. Plus, I was having a hard time finding a big enough bag with a sturdy bottom to take on mini adventures……that wasn’t an LL Bean Bag. I just wanted something I could throw on my bike, in the back of my car, or carry around town with all of my important thangs for the adventure of the day. The whole thing was a silly idea I always had in the back of my head.

I mentioned it to my friend Leslie, owner of Lemoine many moons ago, and asked her to keep an eye out for bags that may fit what I’m looking for whenever she went to market. Right around the time Covid hit, I was pretty bored and Leslie told me she found a bag that could totally work! And it was HUGE! Obviously it needed to live up to the “Grand” aspect of its name because, duh, let’s really amp up the play on words here.

grand toteton skier

We ordered prototypes and realized the straps look like a mountain slope and I really wanted to incorporate Leslie’s embroidery into the design in some way. She’s so talented and embroidery is having a huge moment these days. With the help of a graphic designer, we came up with the design of the skier going down the slope. After throwing them on my instagram stories, we immediately sold out! It was a fun little project to keep our minds busy during lockdown but we realized we were on to something. Many customers asked if they could personalize the bags, change colors, or add different types of mountain activities. We came up with a few fun ones for summer that you can see below.

Alas, The Grand TOTETON was born!

The grand toteton jackson hole

The Design

I wanted something with a flat bottom that could be filled with all of my things for any time of the year. Canvas is super durable and tough especially with dirt, water, or snow. It’s great to just throw in your trunk and go with an easy spot clean treatment if it gets a little roughed up. I honestly kinda love that it’s a little rugged from all of the wear I’ve been giving it. The straps are strong enough to hold a hefty amount of weight, too. From summer fun to winter activities, this bag works for all seasons. It was a lifesaver during my weekend trips to Montana during ski season – it held my helmet, goggles, ski pants, layers, gloves, and everything else you need to wear on the slopes. I’ve caught Adamo stealing my Grand TOTETON when he rides his bike to work and needs to throw his laptop in a bag.

My most favorite use is filling it up for Summer fun by a mountain lake or river – towel, sunscreen, water bottle, good book, a sandwich from a local deli, and obviously lots of snacks. We also use it for dog stuff, but it would be a great bag for kiddos, too.

The font is screen printed and won’t bleed, while the embroidery is tight and will hold up nicely! To wash, just throw in on delicate in cold water, then hang dry.


The beauty of these bags is that they are made to order, so if you are wanting to personalize them at all, we can certainly do that! Adding initials, changing colors, or adding a special embroidery are all possible with the help of Lemoine. If you are looking for a larger corporate or wedding order, we can certainly work with you to make it customized for you. Lemoine can legit do any type of embroidery so if you’d like to add your own flare, we can do it!

How to Order


Bags are made to order online by visiting Lemoine, or you can purchase them locally at Belle Cose on Town Square. Thanks for supporting a small business and me, you’re fun loving mountain blogger!

Photos by Ashley Merritt