Jackson Folk: Ski Patrol Dogs


i’ve never met a red golden retriever i didn’t like.
meet cornice, a fun loving golden retriever who loves playing in the snow.
and is trained to save your life!


Cornice is just like your average golden: goofy, full of energy, and sweet as can be.
but when its time to jump into a rescue, she’s all business.

i’ve seen first hand the work of the Jackson Hole Ski Patrollers and their pack of pups during avalanche training sessions.
their snouts – along with commands – take them straight to victims buried in the snow.
these pups are so excited to get out in the search and start digging.  always with 110% energy, dedication, and an intense eagerness.

the dog crew usually hangs at the top of the mountain in the ski patrol office, on their special couch. ready for anything the harsh mountain might bring.
Cornice enjoys friendly pats and posing for pictures…..unless she’s onto a scent, like the photos above. (she found a few crumbs deep in the snow and therefore way more interested in digging!)
just another reason i’m obsessed with dogs.

thanks for all your hard work ski patrollers and your incredible pack of rescue dogs!

 photos by the fun and talented ashley merritt.