i’m on a podcast!

jackson hole connection podcast

I was recently interviewed for The Jackson Hole Connection podcast to chat about my story of finding my way to Jackson Hole. If you have ever been curious about how I made my way here – or what I have done along the years – here’s a little insight into a more personal side. I loved chatting with Stephan and a big fan of the podcast.

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Meagan Murtagh. Meagan is a local influencer, the former owner of The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and a realtor. Many people around the valley know her by her childhood name and now social media handle @meagtheegg

In this episode, Meagan shares how she ended up landing in Jackson Hole from Ohio. She goes into how a simple blog for friends and family helped her develop into becoming an owner of a lifestyle magazine and an influencer. Meagan explains what exactly is a local influencer and the importance of keeping a part of yourself off social media. Stephan and Meagan also discuss her work with the Wyoming Office of Tourism to help promote tagging responsibly and creating a better visitor to our community. 

Click HERE to listen to the podcast. Enjoy!