how to throw a tomahawk.

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a girl can’t live in the mountains without a proper tomahawk lesson.

corey from New West Knifeworks and owner of Mountain Man Toy Shop invited me over to his seriously perfect cabin in the woods to learn a thing or two about manly toys. over a fresh plate of lox, corey explained all things tomahawks.

Untitled 2 2after breakfast, he took me out back to his sweet set up where he and his kids practice tomahawk throws. can you say true Jacksonites?

these handmade throwing tomahawks use american hickory wood and hand-forged steel before they are finished over in Idaho. quite the beauties!



Now for the lesson!  Before you start throwing things, make sure you have a safe target set up with no one behind it.

Step 1.  Distance:  Give yourself a set of five full strides away from the target. This is to ensure a proper hawk rotation and blade placement on the target.

Step 2. The Grip: Just like a hammer, grab the hawk at the bottom of the handle, with the edge pointing down. Keep your elbow at a right angle.

Step 3. Step and Throw: Take a small step and swing your arm forward, while keeping the blade straight.

Step 4. Release: Using your wrist, release at eye level, and watch your hawk hit the bullseye.  (The same throw as fly fishing!)




i have to admit, it was pretty addicting.  besides throwing for fun, these hawks are actual mountain man tools used for hunting.  i think i’ll stick to the fun and just throw them at trees.

Outfit details: j.crew flannel // h&m vest // hunter wellies

Thanks to Ashley for this awesome shoot!