how to be a tourist in jackson hole.

Real Talk. The entire reason for starting my blog almost 10 years ago was because I would go back to my hometown in Ohio and no one knew were Wyoming even was. I wanted to share this beautiful place and over the years I have, especially on my instagram. Well, I wasn’t the only one dishing about Jackson Hole, Wyoming because this place is officially on the map! As much as I love that it has gained popularity, the last two summers have felt way more crowded than before. I blame it on Covid traveling but it is what it is, and I hope everyone someday gets to experience this magical place, too. That being said, please come to Jackson Hole but respect that it’s a small town with limited resources. Visit Jackson Hole asked me to help spread the word on how to be a sustainable tourist this summer so here are my tips and tricks for keeping things cool:

jackson hole backcountry
  • Leave no trace! This is always a given when spending time outdoors. Make sure that anything you take into the parks or on hiking trails comes back out with you,including your {insert poo emoji}. Yeah, that’s right, stinkers.
  • Respect wildlife! I know it’s super fun and exciting to see a bear or a moose, but please be respectful and stay in your car. It can cause stress for the animals and unnecessary traffic congestions. Be the cool guy by staying in your car and be sure to pull over to the side of the road. I promise your camera phone will zoom just as far from the passenger seat. Remember, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are not zoos. Don’t ever approach wildlife if ya know what’s good for ya 😉
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  • Plan ahead! Most hotel rooms, camping reservations, dinner reservations, and rental cars are booked way in advance, so make sure you have a plan before your trip. This is also helpful for meal planning before your camping trip. Grocery stores are packed, so give yourself plenty of time before your big adventure. Maps are also handy as cell phone service can be shotty in areas. If you need to rent a car, try
  • Support local businesses! Do you need gear for the backcountry? You can rent camping gear and bear spray locally, including kid hiking carriers and more. Check with local gear shops ahead of time to reserve any gear that you may need. It will save you a lot of dinero and supports a local biz. Here are a few shops I recommend calling to rent gear: Teton Backcountry Rentals | Teton Mountaineering | Skinny Skis
how to be a tourist in jackson hole
  • Speaking of bear spray, always carry it! And know how to use it. It protects you and the bears. You can return it after your time in the woods or donate it at the airport before heading home. Bear spray rentals available here.
  • Be patient! Locals are working tirelessly to make your trip memorable, so please be patient at restaurants, local businesses, and in the parks. Take a deep breath and soak up the scenery of this beautiful valley.
  • Have fun! Tag @visitjacksonhole and show them where you’ve been exploring.
  • And……don’t pet the locals. Hat found at local shop, Altitude. 

Photos by Sarah Averill for Visit Jackson Hole