getting spiritual, af.

_90a9966i guess now, with the crazy election over, i want to tell you about my little personal journey i’ve been on this past year.
it’s a spiritual one, so if you don’t wanna get hippie dippie, then peace out! #punintended
this path has given me a lot of hope and has seriously eased anxieties in my life. i figured what better time than now to share with our fat election hangovers!!
and, this super cool jewelry company sent me a beautiful ring that coincides with my current path, so if anything, i hope you check out their website and maybe start your own little journey.

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okay so let’s get deep.
everyone has cross roads in life, right? well i guess mine happened after a bad breakup.
looking back, it was just as awful as i remember, but there is always a silver lining.
this crossroad, or as i recently found out is known as a “saturn return” in the astrology world, made me seriously look at myself and ask some hard questions about what i want/ need in this one precious life given to me.
i was SO low, weighed nothing, and after almost a year of depression and anxiety, i decided i needed to take that heavy energy and chuck it into something good.
my business launched 2 months later with every ounce of me thrown into the fire. it was scary as hell but so exhilarating at the same time.
with the growth of this new work, happiness, confidence, and perspective found their way back into my life but so did new anxieties…..this time around finances and business relationships.
thoughts like “will i be able to meet my goals?”, or “how am i going to pay rent?”, and “what will people around town say about me?” constantly filled my head and i was always asking myself if i made the right decision. (looking back now, OH HELL YES!)

although i was back to my old self, i knew there had to be another way to get rid of my nerves rather popping anxiety pills every day.  i was also trying to figure out if what i was doing was my purpose.  so what does one do when they are 30, single, and freaking out about love, money, and life?  they go to a spiritual guru. because, what the hell did i have to lose?

_90a9967after my initial meeting with Carol Mann, i had never felt so light in my life.  and i mean that honestly.  the lady like SAW ME.  like to MY CORE.  for me, it was exhilarating and i needed to know more about this world i’ve always kind of chuckled at. this was the start of my journey.
pretty soon afterwards, all of these things kept falling in my lap:  Gabby Bernstein’s youtube, Brene Brown’s books, Chase Jarvis’ podcasts, mediation, astrology readings, and the biggest life changer, reiki.

reiki kind of combines it all into one, with the help of crystals and oils, and nearly erased the anxiety out of my life.  you guys, i’ve been fighting anxiety for almost 15 years!  and this thing where you literally just lay there for an hour every week has washed my worries away.

okay so what does this rant have to do with this ring?

well, at the same time of this spiritual discovery, Dualitas sent me a beautiful carnelian ring, which helps with…..wait for it….courage! i slide this beauty on my hand whenever i need a little extra oomph in my step.  and according to science and physics, these little gems actually DO work. and it literally arrived at my doorstep right when i needed it.

soooo universe, i see you. i get this now.

photos by Ashley Merritt Photography // thank you to Dualitas for sponsoring this post and letting me tell my little story