a gallery wall with framebridge.

framebridge gallery wall

It’s the year 2021 and we’ve all been spending a helluva lot of time at home. Everyone seems to be redecorating or remodeling and investing a lot more in the spaces we spend most of our days in. One house project that as been on the backburner for me for almost 2 years has been making a gallery wall in my kitchen. I finally took the time to pick out photos and worked with Framebridge to make it all happen!

When I turned 20 years old (many moons ago), I made a promise to myself that I would travel to one new country every year. And I fulfilled that promise until Quarantine happened last year. As someone who absolutely loves seeing the world, I thought it was be fun to frame my most favorite travel since we couldn’t go abroad. Not only are they fun memories to look at but they are also really awesome conversation starters when I have friends over for dinner. Framebridge made it super easy to pick out frames. They have set gallery walls if you want it to be really easy! I used an interior design friend, Kate of Idle Hands, to help me measure precisely because the wall space I was working with was smaller than the pre-designed galleries they offer. Either way, the whole process was really easy! I even framed larger photos to hang around my cabin.

framebridge gallery wall in cabin kitchen
framebridge in kitchen

To send in paintings to be framed, Framebridge sends you a tube to roll up your artwork and a prepaid sticker to send back so they can then start framing your work. I was seriously so surprised at how quickly the whole thing took. One of my paintings was a little wonky and a representative sent me a personal email with a photo asking for a confirmation of how I wanted it to look. I thought that was rad and I love that they wanted to make sure it was perfect.

framebridge gallery wall

Framebridge Frames I Used

  • 1. This photo I shot in Cuba is in the Ventura
  • 2. Ah, my favorite frame, the Marquette! (As press time, it’s sold out, but check back on their site)
  • 3. This one turned out way more beautiful in person, I was really pleasantly surprised by it. It is the Bleached Maple
  • 4. A classic that I used twice, the Monterey
  • 5. This is in the image above my stove, as seen above, and is really pretty blue. It is the Indigo Walnut
  • 6. The Monterey again, but this time vertical!
  • 7. Another gorgeous frame that really pops, the Bowery

I love seeing my own personal photos framed so beautifully around the house – it really makes me feel like a real arteest! Everything is so professional and chic looking and they add so much flavor to my home. To get started, head on over to Framebridge and start framing your most favorite things!

Photos by Lindley Rust

*this post was sponsored by Framebridge and all opinions are my own